E-Bike Shop in Stone

E-Bike Sales

Here at Midlands MTB & Leisure, in Stone, Staffordshire, we have an impressive range of bikes available in a range of styles, brands and prices – and the same can be said for our increasingly popular E-Bikes. E-Bikes, otherwise known as Electronic Bikes, are rising in popularity across the UK due to their accessibility, safety, and ease of use.


E-Bikes make it super easy for anyone to take up cycling as their new hobby, as their electric powered motor assists with tricky terrain and hills that are often encountered by cyclists daily. Older riders and  individuals with limited mobility and/or a disability are all able to use our E-Bikes, and we take great pride in being able to provide this highly valued service to the community of Stone, and further afield.


E-Bikes are renowned for being one of the safest and most reliable methods of cycling, as with the help of an E-Bike’s built-in electric motor, accelerating through busy junctions, and keeping up with the flow of traffic is a breeze. Using an E-Bike is far safer than using a traditional road bike, and is favoured for being an eco-friendly alternative to other methods of transport.


Our E-Bikes are available for purchase both online and in-store at, and we are always happy to advise you on the most suitable option based upon your individual needs. We also provide bespoke bike repair, maintenance and customisation; the perfect way to add that final touch to your beloved E-Bike.