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Mondraker bikes

As Staffordshire's leading Mondraker dealer, we have access to the full range of Mondraker bikes, we stock a good range of bikes in our store.

We are also offering 0% finance on all 2024 bikes.

Mondraker was founded in 2001, Mondraker’s founder, Miguel Pina, is an avowed comic books fan. The name “Mondraker” was inspired by Mandrake the Magician, whom, Pina said, “Could create something out of nothing.

The Spanish brand Mondraker make high end, quality bikes, from downhill race bikes electric mountain bikes, enduro mountain bikes, cross countery race bikes, electric gravel bikes even kids bikes.

Mondraker inotive bike technology


ZERO is the unique, best performing, most efficient and absorbent suspension system developed by Mondraker. ZERO is individually designed, tuned and optimised for the best pedalling efficiency and absorption capacity in every Mondraker full-suspension bike model in every range, from the small Factor 24 or F-Play 24 to the downhill aluminium or Summum Carbon downhill race-winning Summum 24 and World Championship races.

ZERO is a virtual pivot suspension system with a unique double linkage design. The unique and most exclusive feature of ZERO refers to the positioning of the shock absorber, placed in a floating position between both suspension linkages that compress it at both ends. This unique feature of our system makes the rear suspension extremely responsive on small bumps, while also being very absorbent in the face of large impacts.

The main advantages of the reference technologies of the ZERO system are: Zero energy loss – a completely stable suspension when pedaling; Zero interference with pedaling; imperceptible chain stretching over the entire rear suspension travel; Zero interaction with braking; fully insulated suspension and braking forces; and what we call Zero bumps, its great ability to make any type of irregularity disappear, keeping the rear wheel effectively glued to the ground.


The Mondraker geometry that makes you a better rider..

To innovate, you have to think differently. To innovate, you have to leave behind preconceived ideas and look to the future for a new approach. That's what we did at Mondraker with FORWARD GEOMETRY. That's what we're still doing 10 years later.

The main advantages and keys of FORWARD GEOMETRY

They are greater safety and confidence when tackling descents at high speeds, more reactive, direct and precise handling, greater precision on climbs and greater stability on technical sections and bumpy terrain, with better grip and improved control.

Longer upper tubes and reach,

Longer front center, shorter stems, longer wheelbases, and shorter fork offsets are technical and design arguments on all our bikes that make the FORWARD GEOMETRY perfect for tod@s to enhance our riding experience. Regardless of the level or model of Mondraker.



• Increased safety on steep terrain:The Front center is longer – the front wheel axle is further forward compared to a standard traditional geometry – improving stability and preventing us from being thrown over the handlebars on steep, technical terrain, with greater implied safety and greater confidence due to the perception of a more thrown head angle.

• Increased confidence at high speeds:The longer wheelbase increases the bike's stability on any terrain.

• More direct and reactive steering:The combination with our exclusive FG30 stem improves steering precision making the handling of our bike more reactive.

• Greater precision on climbs:The longer front center keeps the front wheel close to the ground avoiding unforeseen wheelies, and allows us to ascend very steep slopes more easily.

• Greater stability in technical and difficult areas:FG establishes a new weight balance between the front and rear wheels offering greater stability on technical and bumpy terrain, with superior grip in corners, significantly improving control.

You can find Mondraker's exclusiveFORWARD GEOMETRYmodelsin the 2023 range of Summum Carbon, Summum, SuperFoxy, Foxy Carbon, Foxy, Raze Carbon, Raze, F-Podium, Podium, Dusty, Chrono, Factor 24 & 26, Level, Crafty Carbon, Crafty, Dusk, Chaser, Thundra, Prime, F-Play, Play and Grommy.

STEALTH CARBON represents the most advanced technology in carbon fibre development and optimisation in the Mondraker range. This technology in constant development transfers all the experience accumulated in the realization of aluminum structures to the highest range carbon fiber, complying with the premises of innovation, maximum quality, minimum weight and resistance. The positioning of each sheet of carbon fibre is a crucial technique, with a specific position and direction of the fibres of different qualities for each type of bike and for each specific model. The result is a frame with the best ratio of strength/structural stiffness/ground unevenness absorption/lightness, with exceptional reliability and a very attractive and unique 100% Mondraker look.

Chrono Carbon is the flagship model to feature STEALTH CARBON technology.


Unique and distinguished aesthetics

Industry-leading carbon manufacturing process

The best ratio between strength, structural rigidity, absorption of unevenness of the ground and lightness on the market.

STEALTH AIR is Mondraker's finest and lightest carbon fiber manufacturing process. Each layer of carbon is specifically and carefully applied to each area of the frame with a specific purpose and objective that creates the most stylish, evolved and advanced carbon frame in the Mondraker range. The most advanced industrial design, Aero style profile with maximum rigidity/lightest weight and best vibration absorption are common features of STEALTH AIR.

The vibrations caused by bumps in gear are often overlooked, and this is a critical aspect especially in a top-quality carbon frame. The STEALTH AIR CARBON manufacturing process is present in Summum Carbon, SuperFoxy Carbon, Foxy Carbon and Raze as well as in our XC racing reference models F-Podium Carbon, F-Podium Carbon DC and Podium Carbon. Especially in a record-breaking hardtail like Podium Carbon, our FlatStays seatstay design solves this traditional problem by properly filtering out all these extra vibrations without the need for a solution to cut the rear seatstays and add an elastomer, achieving unsurpassed comfort for a carbon hardtail.

Summum Carbon, Crafty Carbon, SuperFoxy Carbon, Foxy Carbon, Raze, F-Podium Carbon DC, F-Podium Carbon and Podium Carbon are the models that stand out for having STEALTH AIR CARBON technology.


The most advanced industrial carbon design with its own style profile

The most refined and lightest STEALTH CARBON carbon fiber manufacturing process

Maximum comfort and absorption of ground vibrations and the best weight-to-rigidity ratio.

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