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Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes are an extremely popular option among avid cyclists due to their ease of use, and their ability to tackle tough, loose and mountainous terrain. At Midlands MTB & Leisure, we pride ourselves on our impressive range of unique bikes and brands varying in quality and price, so that no matter your budget and abilities, we’re guaranteed to find the perfect mountain bike for you.


Mountain Biking is very popular among avid cyclists, as it is a relatively low-impact sport that puts less stress on your joints than other more intense activities such as running. This is because Mountain Bikes are specifically designed for durability, as unlike other bikes, their tires are sturdier with deeper grooves for maximum traction. Many Mountain Bikes also come with an air shock suspension, as this is far gentler on the rider compared to standard road bikes, especially when riding in more challenging terrain.


Because Mountain Bikes are purpose built to handle rougher terrain, they are great for tackling more challenging terrain, such as mountains, countryside and more. Owning a Mountain Bike also means that you can cut out the stressful city traffic, and ride among trails, by-ways and bridleways instead. Mountain Biking is also great for beginner cyclists, as busy city traffic is often off-putting for less-experienced cyclists.

Our Mountain Bikes are available for purchase both online and in-store at, and we are always happy to advise you on the most suitable option based upon your unique needs. We also offer bespoke bike repair, maintenance and customisation, the perfect way to add that final touch to your beloved Mountain Bike.